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Monday, 24 January 2011

What our Supporters Say......

Due to the high profile articles in the Telegraph on Saturday and Monday, the e-mails of support have been pinging through at an unprecedented rate, some of the recent comments received include:


I have just read the article regarding the circumstances surrounding the Wedgwood Collection and I am appalled at the extent to which this country has established practices which permit financial institutions to asset strip our established society and heritage.


Having  just  read  article  about  this  crisis ,  I  am  appalled  at  the  prospect  of  the  destruction  of  a  wonderful, unique  collection  such  as  the  archive  and  irreplaceable  historic  pottery  items  housed  in  the  Museum  at  Wedgwood.  I  am  disgusted  that  the  Government  seem  ready  to  allow  events  to  take  their  course,  too  apathetic  to  act  to  prevent  more   vandalism  against  our  heritage.As  a  member  of  the  public  with  an  interest  in  antique  pottery  and  porcelain, I  have  visited  the  Museum  several  times, each  time  amazed  at  the  wealth  of  material  on  display  and  the  national  importance  of  this  collection  to  our  history. I  hope  that  your  campaign  meets  with  success.  We  have  already  lost  much  of  our  industrial  past  and  need  to  retain  such  treasures  as  evidence  of  what we  once  bequeathed  to  the  world .

It is shocking that the collection could be dispersed. Save it! 

A long time admirer of the pottery and also of Josiah who was a national treasure in his own right. It is impossible to break this collection up.  

I feel that the many gifts that people have given to the Museum are inalienable and that the public should continue to be able to view their heritage. 

Sven in Switzerland:

Only in the UK could the most sincere of original intentions turn into a legislative labyrinth at a later date. If this were not a possible tragedy in the making, it would be risible. The Wedgwood Collection is not only a National treasure,it is also an International asset: there is no doubt that were it dismembered, the UK would lose every single piece to private overseas collectors.

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