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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Letter from the President of the Royal Academy

The President, Christopher Le Brun, and Members of the Council, the Royal Academy of Arts, have put their considerable weight behind the campaign to save the Wedgwood Museum collection. The letter was published in The Guardian on 16th February. The paper subsequently published, later the same day, a response by the Minister for Culture, Hon. Ed Vaizey, here.

RA Wedgwood Letter - 

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  1. If we lose this great collection, we lose it forever. It represents the triumph of art and industry together and is tangible proof of what happens when those two spheres work positively- one of the greatest success stories of our industrial heritage. Do we want to be remembered as the generation who forfeited our cultural memory because we were not wise enough to think of a more strategic solution? Wedgwood, an eighteenth century industrialist with a vision, could teach us a thing or two about business. Let's learn from one of this country's first true entrepreneurs and not sell his soul because we lacked the imagination to keep it. Come on people! Save this great museum and be proud to have it!


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